9 pensieri su “E ricominció sulla morte, la fioritura

      • Wow! I sent it to the email address listed on your blog. Anyway, here is the text from that email:

        Good evening!

        I have a challenge for you, and for me …
        I have been thinking of making a “letters to an Italian photographer” project based on ten of your photographs. This would be similar to
        what I have just done for the French photographer Frédéric Bérard here:


        You have many excellent and interesting photographs on your blog.
        Does this project sound like something you would like me to do?
        If so, how would you suggest that I select the ten photos to comment
        and write my reflections on? Would you like to suggest 25 photos, from which I would select 10 to write about? If so, then I would need direct
        links to those photos. I will not necessarily take into regard any texts that you have written about the photos yourself. In fact, probably not.
        I would write the texts in English, and publish them on one page in my blog. You may — of course — use those texts as you wish, and
        link up to them as needed.

        Let me know what you think.

  1. I girasoli mi hanno sempre dato l’idea della voglia di vivere, della gioia, questo loro guardare sempre il sole…che è vita.


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